Non-hierarchicality in grammar. Construction formation without word class distinction across categories and languages.

Emmy Noether Research Group, German Science Foundation (DFG)
Starting date 1st Feb 2019, project duration: 5 years

The NonGram project is an Emmy Noether Group headed by Prof. Dr. Uta Reinöhl. Currently, the project is based at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (FB 05, Department of English and Linguistics, Language Typology). Further team members are Kirsten Culhane, Naomi Peck, Maria Vollmer and Marvin Martiny. T. Mark Ellison is part of the extended project group as a Mercator Fellow. For more information on the research group as well as about our collaboration partners, see Team Members.

The project aims to extend our understanding of one of the most fundamental mechanisms in syntax, the building up of larger syntactic structures from individual lexemes.The focus is on the relation between flexible word class systems and construction-hood across categories (entities vs. events) and across languages. Against a broader typological background, detailed cases studies are carried out on Kera'a, Waima'a  Warlpiri, and Vedic Sanskrit. For more information, see Current Research Activities.

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